One Star Country Club

38 E Cross St Baltimore MD US 21230
  • 1 Hours Premium Open Bar

WHY YOU WILL LOVE One Star Country Club

In the center of Federal Hill, Baltimore’s premier neighborhood for nightlife, you’ll find One Star Country Club, and this New Year’s Eve it’s hosting the city’s party of the year.  Usually reserved for locals in the know, we’re opening up the hidden treasure for a night of epic revelry to ring in the new with Baltimore’s best.

This neighborhood favorite is your ticket to an unpretentious, all-around good time this New Year’s Eve.  Grab a pint from the tiled bar and take your pick of tunes from the juke box because parties at One Star are known for heating up fast and this New Year’s Eve will be no different.  Arrive early to dip into the one hour welcome premium open bar, but make sure you stay thirsty because just before the countdown to midnight you’ll be handed a complimentary glass of champagne and Baltimore will toast to 365 new days.

One Star Country Club’s unassuming exterior presents it as a posh brownstone, but locals know that inside lies their favorite rowdy destination.  Its name is an ode to the humorous atmosphere within, where one-star Yelp reviews are encouraged and often plastered on the walls in jest.  Devotees are happy to pretend to criticize the top-notch place for excellent service and cold drinks, for the sake of keeping the running joke alive.  There’s hardly a time at One Star when someone isn’t laughing and glasses aren’t clinking in cheers.

There’s never a shortage of energy in this taphouse, and this New Year’s Eve we’re taking it up ten notches.  One Star Country Club will become Baltimore’s party mecca on the most important night of the year, so whether you’re dancing on the bar or taking in the game on the flat-screens, you’re guaranteed a good time.


Top 40 | Hip Hop | Dance | House| Mash Ups