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13 W Division, Chicago 60610 | 312-266-6994


Just like the name implies, there's a bit of an outlaw spirit at this rowdy, blue-collar bar, where music blares seven nights a week at a decibel level that would have Ozzy Osbourne asking for a volume reduction. The crowd is deeply unpretentious, mixing well with the Mardi Gras meets frat house decor - stuffed dear heads adorned with colorful beads dot the cluttered walls. Every Thursday, body painting night whips the assembled throng into a scantily-clad frenzy. If you're looking for a fun night out without the attitude, step into Bootlegger's.


Bootlegger’s is the biggest little club on Division Street. The staff is so friendly… they feel like one big family that’s always ready to party! An all-request DJ spins open-to-close to make sure your body moves on the dance floor or even on the bar top! And you don’t have to ask… Of course there are sports on the big screen plasmas! Don’t forget about our stash of games like life-sized Jenga, pool, and ping pong too! If you’re not into those, our venue also has great events to keep you entertained every night of the week! In the summer, Bootlegger’s also has the World’s Smallest Beer Garden, with a great view of the Division Street crowd. It’s like Mardi Gras every day!

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